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Business Operations

At A Glance


  • Civil Engineering Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Core Network Works & VAS
  • Radio Network Planning & Optimization
  • Site Acquisition
  • Operation and Maintenance Services & Support of Fiber Optic Cable (FOC)
  • Telecom Civil Work
  • IBS
  • Power Modernization TSS
  • Facilities Operation
  • Data Centre & Virtualization
  • Maintenance Service
  • Manage Service


  • Network Security
  • Routing
  • Switching


  • Power Plant


  • Battery, Battery Rack with Accessories
  • Rectifier Inverter & Circuit Breaker
  • Solar Solution
  • Microwave
  • Signal Solution Provider
  • IP Radio
  • OFC Accessories
  • Optical Fiber Cable
  • Power & Earthing


  • Import and Export



  • MSC, BSC, BTS and MW Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Site Acquisition and Civil Drawing (RT, GF, IBS)
  • LOS and RF Survey
  • SWAP and Dismantling Drive Test (2G, 3G, LTE, CDMA and WIFI)
  • Access Network (RF and MW) Planning and Optimization.


Data Centre & Virtualization

  • Data Center/Switch Room infrastructure
  • Power control and distribution system
  • Fire detection and suppression system
  • IP/Network/CCTV Camera and video surveillance system
  • Access control system,
  • Network and Structured Cabling System
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • Raised Floor/Access Floor
  • TVSS /Surge protection device

Maintenance Services

  • AC Maintenance
  • Power Maintenance
  • Optical Fiber Network Maintenance
  • Solar Panel
  • Tower Maintenance

Manage Services

Full fledge of Manage Services depending on Business Associated with & Customer Requirement based.

Software Development

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • AR/VR App Development
  • Mobile apps with blockchain integration
  • IoT application development
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile ERP Applications
  • E-Commerce App Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Point Of Sales (POS) Apps
  • Streaming Application

Web Development

  • Dynamic Website Management Panel
  • Customized Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • High Security Standard
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Website Hosting
  • Quality Web Content writing
  • Web application development
  • Simple and Professional Web Design
  • Clear & User-friendly Design
  • Best Webpage Speed
  • Easy to update


  • Multilingual Content
  • Search
  • User Profile
  • Watchlist
  • Social Features
  • Screen Mirroring


ICT Equipment

  • Desktop Computer, Laptop with Accessories:
  1. Server and Switch, Server Rack
  2. Access Control System Finger print TCP/IP Based
  3. Local Area Network Rack



  • Battery, Battery Rack with Accessories:


  1. Maxton China (AGM Battery) (2V 200Ah -2V 1000Ah)
  2. Maxton China (GEL Battery) (2V 300Ah – 2V 600Ah)
  3. NED Energy India (Maxlife AGM Battery) (2V 200Ah -2V 1000Ah)
  4. NED Energy India (Maxqualita GEL Battery) (2V 200Ah -2V 1000Ah)

Generator, Rectifier, Inverter, Circuit Breaker

  • Rectifier, Inverter, Circuit Breaker:


  1. Shenzhen Setec Power Corporation Ltd. China (Rectifier 48V) (Inverter 48V/220V)
  2. CHNT China (Circuit Breaker 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 60A)
  3. Fire Detection & Suppression System, Electrical Cable, Electrical Controlling Unit, Electrical Accessories, Power & Data Cable Ladder, Automatic Voltage Stabilize (AVR), Environment monitoring System (EMS), Precision Air Condition


Solar Solution

  • Solar Solution
  1. Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Corporation Ltd. China
    • Solar Power Home System
    • Wind & Solar Hybrid System
    • Solar Power DC Pump System
    • Controller
    • Battery
    • Complete Drawing and Design Solution


  • Adtran
  • Exalt

Signal Solution Provider

  • Signal Solution Provider:
  1. Shenzhen Ledmate Technology Corporation Ltd. China
    Home/Office Repeater
    • Single Band Pico Cell
    • Dual Band Pico Cell

IP Radio

  • Cambium
  • Ubiquiti
  • Proxim


OFC Accessories

  • OFC Accessories:
    1. Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech Corporation Ltd. China


Optical Fiber Cable

  1. Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. (2nd largest manufacturer of Optical Fiber Cable in India)
  2. Shenzhen HongRui Optical Technology Corporation Ltd.
    China (Fiber Media Converter, Video Multiplexer, SFP Module, POE Switch, Telephone over Fiber Multiplexer, HDSDI/HDMI/HDCVI/VGA Converter)


Power & Earthing

  • Power & Earthing:
    1. Grounding
    2. Main Distribution Board
    3. Power Connection
    4. Energy Meter


Server PC & Accessories



Professional IRD




Switch & Router


List of Equipment and Tools of ECL for Telecommunication & ICT